A Capsule Wardrobe & Why You Need One

A Capsule Wardrobe & Why You Need One

If your wondering "what's a capsule wardrobe, and why do I need one?", you've come to the right place! Let's get into it.

A Capsule Wardrobe: The Definition

A capsule wardrobe is "a term used in American publications as early as the 1940s to denote a small collection of garments designed to be worn together which harmonized in color and line." Capsule wardrobes help consumers look fantastic every time they step out of their apartment! With one of these in your closet, you'll never wear a mismatched outfit again. Capsule wardrobes help consumers like you limit their spending habits to simultaneously help save both their pockets and the environment! This is because capsule wardrobes deter consumers from purchasing excess clothing that doesn't fit or match their wardrobe just because it's cute! Too often, consumers will purchase cute tops that were on sale at such a good deal that they couldn't pass them up! But, when that new top you found on sale doesn't match anything in your wardrobe, 50% off of $200 still feels like a waste when you only wear it with your roommates' cute bottoms. 

Why Capsule Wardrobes Save the Environment

Textile waste is one of the biggest contributors to landfills known to man. With the rise of fast fashion sweeping the globe, buying cheap and easily-disposable trendy clothing has become the norm. Due to circumstances like COVID-19 plaguing our economy, few Americans have access to a large income that supports this superfluous lifestyle. As a result, many consumers resort to divulging in the fast fashion industry to keep up with trends that come and go while keeping their pockets deep. Some major fast fashion retailers include SHEIN, H&M, and ROMWE, which produce trendy, low-quality clothing for the cheap! When you purchase from these retailers you pay the cheap cheap price of $2.99 for a new trendy swimsuit that becomes disfigured after one measly wash! What a deal am I right! Straps break, tops are ill-fitting (especially when we're talking boobage - they seriously never get that right), and it never looks how it did on the website. Often times, consumers are led to trashing these cheap items because they are unwearable and subsequently not eligible for donation or re-sale. I get it, we can't all shop I.AM.GIA. everyday, so sometimes the best we can do is simply shop mindfully! I would recommend purchasing your staple pieces from thrift-stores or sustainably mindful retailers, especially those with in-person stores so you can try pieces on and reduce your carbon footprint! After doing so, I would then open myself up to the realm of fast fashion for trendy statement pieces that will elevate my look thoughtfully. This method helps prevent you from repurchasing ruined clothing time and time again, while keeping you closet relatively sustainable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing!

How To Mindfully Shop Fast-Fashion

If Goodwill isn't your thing and you want cute cheap clothes, it is understandable to shop sites like SHEIN for affordable clothing! I seriously promise - you're not a bad person. However, understanding the impacts of how we spend our money is important. Instead of purchasing that one orange sweater you like (that you can only wear once every two weeks) it might be more beneficial to purchase a black long sleeve top that you can layer and pair in a variety of ways. Below I have shown you a capsule wardrobe that I have curated for you to be looking cute all winter long! It helps to stick to neutrals and add in pops of color with accessories, may it be hats, scarves, or shoes - whatever your heart desires!


What's In My Capsule

  • white long sleeve shirt

  • black long sleeve shirt

  • white tee

  • black tee

  • leather jacket

  • tan felt coat

  • black booties

  • crocodile inspired booties

  • black heels

  • nude heels

  • black trousers

  • creme trousers

  • 3-4 tank/crop tops

  • light denim mom jeans

  • black wide-leg jeans

  • straight leg jeans

  • leather pants

  • white sneakers

  • white chunky heeled boots 

XX, Shivs

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