The Green Team

  • Shiva Zokaei

    President, Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Director of HR, CEO, CMO - Shiva Zokaei

    Hi there! My name is Shiva Zokaei, and I founded Good Vibe Gang in an effort to fundraise on behalf of an ex-ante financing disaster relief fund dedicated to preventing victims of natural disasters from economic disaster and bankruptcy. I hope to bridge the gap between Republicans and Democrats in my effort to deliver a third-party solution to my two favorite political parties! I am dedicated to building a community of like-minded individuals jointly passionate about environmental issues by leading as a collegiate chapter president at Arizona State University where I bolster public advocacy on behalf of environmental issues. I study Mass Media and Communications & Applied Ethics at Arizona State University.

  • Isabel Luk

    Director of Foundations - Isabel Luk

    Ms. Isabel Luk is the Director of Foundations at Good Vibe Gang. She is passionate about advocating for environmental sustainability and leading fundraising initiatives that raise money for the causes she cares about while also leading as a chapter collegiate president at the University of California - Davis. She studies Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior at UC Davis.

  • Parisa Homayoun

    Director of Design - Parisa Homayoun

    Ms. Parisa Homayoun is the Director of Design for the GVG label. She works hard digitally designing graphic art for GVG's clothing while also helping with marketing initiatives. She studies Business (Marketing) at The University of Tampa.

  • Director of Sustainability - Kylie Blakesly

    Ms. Kylie Blaksley works hard as the Director of Sustainability to educate Good Vibe Gang members about the importance of environmental sustainability while holding C-level executives responsible for adhering to eco-friendly commitments. She studies Sustainability at Arizona State University.

  • Director of Campus Apparel Marketing - Michael Luk

    Mr. Michael Luk is the Director of Campus Apparel Marketing. He strategizes how to market Good Vibe Gang to over 17.9 million students on collegiate campuses across the nation! He studies Financial Mathematics & Statistics / Economics at UC Santa Barbara.

  • Anna Fletcher

    Director of Community Outreach - Anna Fletcher

    Ms. Anna Fletcher is the Director of Community Outreach. She facilitates the establishment of community partnerships in association with fundraising and outreach efforts. She studies at Foothill College.

  • Director of Finance - Xanthe Barton

    Ms. Xanthe Barton is the Director of Finance. She manages GVG's finances while also leading as a chapter collegiate president at Loyola Marymount University. She studies Finance at LMU.

  • Director of Business (Communications) - Tara Adparvar

    Ms. Tara Adparvar is the Director of Business (Communications) at Good Vibe Gang. She works diligently organizing task delegation and important communications amongst directors and C-level executives. She studies Psychology and is double-minoring in Pediatric Clinical Research and Marketing on a pre-med track at the University of Utah.